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Craete Brand! Creative without strategy is called art, creative with strategy is called "Advertising"

In Business Selling more year on year is not the only Key to Success but you need to create Brand of your Business to run long. Newsletter and E-Mail Marketing can "Help you win the Game of Throness".

Use what is relevant, Don't use big words sometime they mean so little. Let's Learn How?




Email marketing is the most powerful medium for marketing or Sales as it can be used for both the channels for branding  / marketing the business or for lead generation. Email Marketing is the medium where you need to be patient as the process is bit slow in comparision to various models but is most effecetive in long run. If you don't have a strong email marketing foundation as of now, don't think much, start building it now. 


Email Marketing panel includes

  • HTML Mailer
  • Inbuilt Mailer Templates
  • Detailed Report of Mailer Campaign
  • Web base Setup
  • Can be configured as White Lable on your Domain


Email Marketing Features & Benefits

Email Marketing to reach Mass Audiance at one click

Email marketing can reach Million of audience at a single click to promote your product or to engage your customer.  Email Marketing Campaigns can be implemented at very low investment and requires no technical knowledge even.


Email Marketing best tool for Marketing at low cost

Email marketing is much cost-effective tool than any other marketing tool and it saves lot of time in comparision to normal method of sending indvidual mails to our clients or doing telecalling for generating leads. Email marketing can be used for increasing traffic to your website also as you can redirect the Emailer to your website.


Email Marketing best tool for Branding and Customer Engagement

Email Marketing is an ongoing process to create brand awareness in the market of your business / product and consistent Emailer campaign helps in this, also it creat customer engagement as Email creates an interactive connection between customer and comapmny.


Email Marketing the only tool to get detailed information of the Campaign

Email marketing campaigns are the only tool available for the marketing which gives a detailed information of the sales campaigns which can be tracked through various information open rate, click rate, conversion rates, forward to a friend, unsubscribe or deleted mails to get the indepth insight of the campaigns which helps to set or change the strategies to improve future campaigns.


Email Marketing the best tool to customized the campaign

You can customized the entire campain as required for any business product or industry using lot of inbuilt tools and features.


Email Marketing best way to promot your Social Page

This is the best solution to promot your social page with a link to your facebook, G+, linkedin, Twitter which allow user eiter to visit the page or to like the page.

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