Search Engine OptimizationSEO- the Key

It's Marathon. Not Sprint.

To understand user behaviour of searching the business is the Key! There is a list of Search Engine Optimization myths you should be aware of.

Let's Work together and you will amaze to know "How Low can Search Engine Optimization go" as we will support you to "Create an Empire" by Generateing more Leads for your business Locally, Regionally and Globally.




Choosing to hire Search Engine Optimization expert for your business is not an easy decision and it should not be taken on the ground that abc SEO expert is claiming that your website will be ranked at first page overnight as it takes reasonable time and requires patience. SEO expert needs to modify and improve the site as required to increase the site visibility.


SEO Few things to avoid: 

  • If someone is claiming No. 1 Rank at Google or Top 3 rank in Google (Organic)
  • Multiple Directory submission through Software
  • No Shadow Domains to keep for SEO
  • Duplicate Keywords
  • Hidden Text and Keywords to avoid
  • Duplicate Content


Above mentioned mistakes are few which you should clearly ask and avoid while choosing your Search Engine Optimization service provider. List is long but these are few basic things to ask.


Search Engine Optimization: what we do

Review content and website structure in detail

Before starting your project we review the content and structure of your website in depth and modify it accordingly to make it more Search Engine friendly as Search Engine Optimization is the kind of work which requires lot of experience and knowledge. We have a team of dedicated SEO experts who work closely with you on your project.


Content development

Content is the key to work on before start working on any of the Search Engine Optimization project. We work with our inhouse Content Development team as we don't beleive in outsourcing such a crucial task of any client or project. We understand the content is the blood of website and if it will not be pure and clean it can harm the entire project that is the reason we have hired a team of professionals. 


Onpage / Offpage Search Engine Optimization

We do both Onpage and Offpage Search Engine Optimization as in onpage we cover Meta Tag, Site Map, XML-HTML, RSS, H1-H2 Tags, Alt Tag, URL Structure, Web Analytics and Web Master etc. and in Offpage Directory Submission, Article Writing and Posting, Press Release, Guest Blogging and Form Discussion etc. List doesn't end here these are the few basic things but we do lot more to increase the visiblity and improve the ranking of the website.


Accurate Information to the visitors they're looking for

Most important thing to do on a website is the unique and relevant information specially on the home page or on the landing page linked with should have relevant information so that user sticks to the site and try exploring it. Before writing information on the site or page our experts think as user thinks while exploring the search engines or websites and use appropriate keywords. Same keywords we use for Search Engine Optimization to get the better results.


No Broken or Dynamic Link

We create sites which are easily accessible with in the site which means there will be no broken or blank link or any link which is generated dynamicaly. Even in Dynamic sites we give them static url so that they are easily accessible from the search engines and each page of the site will be linked to a direct text link with in the website which will give 100% links without No Broken Links.


We care of Dynamic URL also for SEO

We understand that if you have dynamic pages (i.e., the URL contains a "?" or any other special character), every browser does not support it so we use static url for all these pages which give better ranking to site and pages with in the site.

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