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SMS, stands for  “short message service,” is regarded today as the most popular way to reach someone whom you know or don't. If your plans don't include mobile, your plans are not finished. Today, SMS Marketing or you can call it Bulk SMS Marketing is the best tool available to reach and find your potential customer. Even freelancers are using SMS maketing tool to grow their business.




SMS Plans: SMSMarketing have different panels

  • Promotional SMS (NON-DND)
  • Transactional SMS


Above mentioned panels are available with us and based on your requirement  you can choose the right one or if you are unable to choose the right one our team of professionals will help you in the same.


SMS Marketing Features & Benefits

SMS marketing creats brand awareness

A study says open rate of a SMS is more than 90% and that is the reason why people choose to market or sell their product services through SMS Marketing. SMS Marketing is far more effective than Email Marketing when approching customers specially when you want to promote at last moment. 70% SMS are read in less than 5 minutes after they’ve been received the SMS.


SMS marketing creats brand awareness

As almost 98% mobile phones now have SMS capabilities, and out of them almost 80% must read their SMS even before deleting the SMS. So reason is very simple that's why every business or service provider are opting SMS Marketing now. NOt only Bulk SMS is used for promotions of the business or services but it is been used for engaging customers also with loyalty program offers and send promotional and seasonal offers to regular customers.


SMS marketing Easiest model of marketing

According to a study based on our set of clients who are using various services from us small businesses can quickly, easily, and economically choose this SMS Marketing tool to promote and grow their business.


SMS marketing is affordable

In comparision to other tools for business marketing and promotion SMS Marketing is the most afforadable tool for generating business leads instantly business.


SMS marketing is target based promotion

So, this is the tool to reach the right set of pople with in your area or if you wish to capture the bigger area yoy can. Bulk SMS is the best tool to know and understand the kind of response from a new market prior to setup your business to that place. It can give you a fair idea about the market and people interest towards your business

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